The Benefits Of A Transporter

So, we all know that transporter vans can be used for all kinds of beneficial things, but they are also great for emergencies. I can recall one of the biggest emergencies of our local villages and my life. I had literally just finished work for the day when I pulled up to my local pub and Somerset B&B, The Carew Arms. I walked in to discover that my favourite draft ale had completely run out! I was in shock, The land lady said that I could go to the supplier for them and pickup a couple of new kegs, And guess what? That’s exactly what I did.

I drove a good 20 miles each way (I hadn’t been drinking) and with my brute strength managed to lift the kegs onto my transporter van, No problem! Once I had arrived back it was clearly time to have a good taste test of the produce I’d brought back. I was proclaimed a hero and given a couple of free pints, not bad for just having a van!