A Look At The New T6 Transporter

The VW Transporter is iconic to caravaners and the surfing set. To our delight, the newest model, the T6, is apparently going to live up to the sturdy reputation established by its forefathers. Now that the 2016 Transporter is on the market, we are all rubbing our hands with glee, hoping to get our hands on one.

The Price is Right


For starters, the T6 (the sixth generation of Transporters) is only £22,000. For the space, reliability, and name, this is actually a pretty affordable set of wheels. This multi-national creation has a great history.

A Caravan For Europe


The first design for the Transporter was actually a flatbed truck. Major Ivan Hirst designed it, giving the Transporter its British roots.

From there, Ben Pons, a Dutchman, redesigned it. A German engineer turned it into a production van. The first Transporter was so popular the VW company had to build a second factory to fill the orders. At that time, it was called the Type 2, with the Beetle holding the title of Type 1.

In 1949, the name of “Transporter” was first used. Over the decades, there have been many changes. While the power of the vehicle has remained, the cooling system, size, and shape have all changed.

A Caravan for England

England imports more Transports for commercial use than any other vehicle. In fact, just this year, sales are up over 17%. Even though VW has found itself reeling from the recent emissions scandal, the T6 is showing promise in the market.


The T6 uses the same chassis of the T5. In fact, most of the mechanics of the T5 have been carried over into the T6. The biggest change has been in the interior of the vehicle. The T6, more than any of its predecessors, is a more luxurious ride. The interior is more like a car than a utility van, making the ride more enjoyable.


In addition to a nicer interior, the T6 is available in more models than last year’s model. You can buy it in the form of a panel van, as a 6-seat Kombi, or as a double cab Kombi. It is available in 2 wheelbases, and you can order one of 3 different roof heights. If you order a window van or shuttle van, you can seat as many as 9 people at a time. The Caravelle model holds 7 comfortably, and is luxurious – especially for a caravan.

For an additional £2,200, you can get 4-wheel drive in some models. The rear plate is lit by LED lights, and you can special order Bi-xenon headlamps.

Same Service

If you use your caravan for work, never fear, for the T6 uses the same load bed. You can easily transfer racks from your older model to the new one. It also has the same load volume, weight, and payload.


Finally, the T6 is designed with the BlueMotion package in all models. This is supposed to reclaim 15% of the fuel, and keep it in compliance with even stricter emissions regulations in the UK.