The Ideal Surfing Van Conversion

Once you learn to surf, it becomes an important part of your life. You plan holidays around which beach will have the best climate for your holiday. You get every app you can find that informs you of wave height, wind direction, water temperature, and who’s hanging out on the beach. One of the best ways to get to the beach is in a campervan. Van conversions are ideal for surfers, because the owners can comfortably travel to their destinations and camp out, too. Converting your van to haul surfing equipment is fairly easy. With a little more work and materials, you can also convert your van into a camper.

The Convenience of Campers


Campervans are an undeniably popular method of travel, taking travelers up close to their destinations. While this type of transportation may not be as fuel efficient as smaller vehicles, you often save money anyway, since you do not have to get a hotel room. In addition, campervans give you the ability to sleep in the same bed every night, regardless of the length of your trip. This is a major benefit for those who sleep better on a certain type of mattress.
In addition to sleep comfort, you can save a lot of money by preparing your own meals. One of the greater expenses while on holiday is dining out, since most hotel rooms do not have a kitchen. With a campervan, however you will usually have some form of refrigerator and a cooktop, at the least. Some van conversions have an entire kitchen.

Setup of most campervans is also quite simple. At the most, you’ll have to level the vehicle. If you have plumbing, you’ll want to hook up to water and septic tank.

Van Conversion


A campervan is one of the more convenient ways to travel, especially if you are quite physically active. With a campervan, you can camp anywhere you can drive, including mountain trails, meadows, and beaches. Brilliant converter kits exist that make it easy to install a bed, cooktop, pantry space, and luggage space, utilizing areas of your van.

Look for drop-down or gate-leg extensions for your van to expand workspace. This makes for a very convenient cooking area. There are also several different methods of attaching your surf board to the van for safe transport. Most of these involve carrying the board on the roof, but others will allow you to secure your surfboard inside which is important if your a pro surfer or even just an amateur taking surf lessons in Cornwall, safe from weather and theft. With the proper brackets, the surfboard can stay out of the way, even acting as part of the décor.

Headspace can even be added to many vans, creating a lot more space. This may require the skills of an expert, but this type of conversion will give you more storage space, head space, and the room to stand up straight and walk in your van.
Your own van may not be a campervan – yet. With a little work, though, you can convert it. Surfing conversions can make your holiday even more fun.