A Look Back At The VW Camper


The Volkswagen Camper Van is an iconic vehicle, perhaps one of the most iconic it it 30+ year life. Usualy associated with the swinging 60’s the VW camper has always been a vehicle of peace and lovin’. It’s sister the VW Beetle is also known as the “love bug” as it too was popular in the 60’s. The Beetle has been reimagined and is still in production to this day, but the camper has been neglected, perhaps we will see a re-design in the next few years?

I said the VW Camper has been neglected, but it is still in production. A company in brazil still have brand new campervans for sale, they actually assemble them exactly how they were back in the 60’s but with upgraded internals, so it is still possible to buy. But importing to the UK can be quite a bit of money, so maybe it would be better to buy second hand?
I’ve always admired the VW Camper, it’s a great vehicle, terrific for holidays and traveling too, let’s hope they give that brilliant van the recognition it deserves with a re-design.