Conversions and Furniture

Ever thought about doing a campervan conversion? This would be when you take a van like a VW transporter and convert it into a campervan. This takes a lot of work and will usually end up costing a fair amount of money too. The thing is, in the longrun, a campervan conversion will most likely cost less that buying a campervan flat-out, so it’s worth the money.

If you’re thinking of starting a project like this, you really have to look into the planning. What are you going to put inside? Will it have a full oven, will it have Dining Room Furniture and what about sleeping arrangements? What you have to really look out for is where everything is going to go. You have to make it so that everything fits correctly, you have to allocate space for each item that you want to put in there, and choose wisely or you are most likely going to encounter problems in the future.

Campervan conversions have all kinds of options, it’s like your little playground to experiment and mess around with. Good luck to you.