How To Rough It On A Camping Trip

Camping is not for everyone, if your not a fan of dirt, bugs, bad weather and food cooked on a stove then you may be in for a bit of a bad time. But I still think there are plenty of people who haven’t given camping a chance and may enjoy it! I know there are plenty of girls from the city out there who love the outdoors, but may feel a bit “lost” in regards to “roughing it”. Well friends, there’s no better time than now to learn the best way to survive in the woods by looking cute (and intelligent) while doing it.

Know Your Place

Do some research on the region you are going to in case the place is prone to snow or rain before beginning packing. Weather can be unpredictable (even in the summer) so depending on elevation and season, layering is essential to being outdoors.
From chilly the temperature can go at any moment, to heat, to hot, to cold to freezing, but be prepared and all will go well.

Get Strappin’
Starting with the most important thing about doing some hiking and perhaps even some scaling is that you’ll need a great pair of boots. Believe me, I had to learn the hard way and wore a classic pair I bought at the flea market which I thought were cute. Horrible mistake. Several mind blowing blisters after, I could barely move, let alone trek. Obviously if you’re simply doing some pleasure car-camping by the seashore, you’ll be totally wonderful in your trusty running shoes or even regular leather boots, but if there is any kind of mountainous terrain, you’ll want something more durable.

Additionally, as simple as it seems, good socks make a major difference, so group a couple pairs that are thick and if possible, made from wool.

Because you’ll need to pack as little as possible (sometimes you’ll just have a miniature backpack to fill), finding items which can be mixed and matched is key. It can also make it easier to couple things if you consider a standard color palette.

Here is a means to visualize your outfit packing list. Try picking only 1-2 things in each type of outerwear, bottoms and tops:

– Tops: T shirt and/or Long sleeve top
– Undersides: thermal leggings, Slim sweat pants, or wool leggings
– Outerwear: Fleece jacket and/or sweatshirt with hood
– Accessory: Beanie

– Tops: Tank top and/or T shirt
– Undersides: Lightweight denim trousers or shorts, shorts or twill pants
– Outerwear: Long sleeve top
– Accessory: Hat with a brim
– Extra: Bathing suit

Night (very much like morning):
– Tops: Cotton sleeve long sleeve and/or thermal
– Bottoms: Thermal leggings, wool leggings, denim or twill pants
– Outerwear: Fleece sweatshirt with hood, coat or heavier nylon coat
– Accessory: Beanie

Leave The Goods At Home

The last thing you need to do is because the spontaneity of events can leave clothing stained, torn or even burned bring any of your treasured things. We do’t need your first camping trip to be remembered as the time you ruined your favorite Masai Clothing UK sweater.

Be Low Care


Unless you’re “glamping,” (glamorous camping = glamping) and you’re welcomed to real showers, you wo’t be able to freshen up the way you’re used to. Keep hair tamed by wearing high buns, adorable hats, or braids. If you ca’t stand dirty hair, try a dry shampoo out to relieve the build-up-feel.

As for makeup, be ready to go au natural. Keep it light with some mascara and perhaps a tinted chapstick with SPF, if you feel like you want it.

Nail It

Like seeing filth in your nails if you’re anything like me, you do’t. Unfortunately when you’re outside building a fire, making food or setting up your tent, your nails will often accumulate a small grime from being effective.

A few additional items that are must-haves:

– Sunblock
– Bug repellent
– Environmentally friendly/biodegradable toiletries/ items that are unscented
We expect the next time someone invites you on a trip to the wild for the weekend, you can say yes with absolute conviction. Research the world where creatures run freely, the air is clean and the view around you is scenic!