Can Plants Work Inside Your Campervan Conversion?

Campervans are a popular convenience for many travelers. Perhaps one of the greatest pros of traveling in a campervan is that you get to take your own bed with you, which is a major plus for the less flexible among us. You can also go where no hotel as gone before, and usually for far less expense. Some people even carry the comforts of home with them, including indoor-outdoor carpeting and a picket fence to keep the dog safe. But, what about plants? Can plants work inside your campervan conversion? Some people say yes, as is evidenced by the portable landscaping they display when they set up camp. Here is a look at real plants, artificial plants, and how they work with your campervan.


Some people like to carry a particular plant along with them for sweet memories. Perhaps it is a clipping from an ivy that has been in the family for years, or a lovely little miniature rose bush that brightens any area it graces.



Other people love their houseplants, but are gone so much that they take the plants with them so they can be maintained. Those special potted plants can be watered, fertilized, and set out in the sun without the need to have friends or family go by the house and check on them.


Plants do add a certain coziness to your surroundings just look how the ritz uses them. The colors, textures, and even the pots they are planted in are a welcomed companion in the spaces. Those campers who like to set up outdoor spaces often enjoy having potted plants around the perimeter of th eir camping spot. They look very nice with the fencing and carpeting.

Fresh Air

Another reason some people like to have potted plants around in their campervan is because they purify the air. Plants with a lot of leaf surface are good about processing off-gasses from construction materials and fabrics. They plants will convert all kinds of gasses to oxygen, and hydrate the air, too.

Is It Worth It?


The big question, though, is, are potted plants worth it when you are camping? You have to consider whether or not you want to put up with the mess, for one thing. Plants grow in dirt, and who in their right mind would intentionally haul dirt into a moving vehicle? The pots can get tipped over, or slide around while you are traveling, and trail dirt and water all over the place. For some people, having a collection of potted plants just adds to the number of items that must be secured before you can hit the road, again.

Securing the plants for travel is just the beginning. One of the reasons people enjoy their campervan is that they don’t have to pack and unpack at every stop. Even if you have artificial plants, and avoid the potential mess, you would still have to set them out to decorate your campsite.

So, in general, plants are just not a good idea for your campervan.